Successful leadership with Corona – Turn your managers into leaders

Can you rely on your leaders to successfully manage and use the crisis?

Corona is not only challenging the existence of many organisations and crippling operational processes – The virus has spread fear and insecurity throughout your workforce. Now it comes down to this: Are your leaders able to deal with this human challenge and seize the opportunity for change?  I have been empowering leaders for over 30 years to shape performance and motivation through positive leadership – And this is now both a challenge and an opportunity!

“I help you to assess with psychological competence what action is needed to prepare your company now for the future.”
Eckhard Schoelzel

Many companies underestimate the impact of the crisis on leadership and cooperation:

  • How does the multi-layered fear and uncertainty of employees affect their motivation and performance?
  • How does “social distancing” and home office affect teamwork and the integrity of the corporate community?
  • Which small conflicts develop into perhaps even company-wide problems as a result of the emotionally charged situation?

Many leaders do not know how to deal with the situation

“Why you can’t afford leadership mistakes right now.”

Eckhard Schoelzel, Dipl. Psychologist Leadership Coach/Trainer/Consultant

Dear Reader,

I have been a leadership trainer for over 30 years. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned in all that time, it’s this:

The quality of the managers determines the future of your company.

What do I mean by that?

Often, the biggest challenge of a crisis is not operational standstill, but changing the attitude of your staff: dealing with what is: prudently and creatively.

Now this is turning out to be an unprecedented core task for managers: Massive change is here – how to proceed with each other?

  • Even more than before Corona, it is crucial to retain the best. More so, it will depend on the right leadership decisions, not just “more money”.
  • Confidence about job security and a pleasant, at least acceptable working environment under new conditions.
  • For example, managers have to find the right balance between home office, virtual communication and experienced community in the shared real space.
  • They must also establish emotional consensus on issues of appropriate hygiene and exaggerated fears. What otherwise follows are impulsive and irrational actions by employees – with dangerous consequences for the integrity of the cooperative entity “company”.

Here it is important that your managers know how to deal optimally with this current situation, which is very demanding from an interpersonal point of view.

And it is precisely here that there is a lack of experience and often also a lack of competence.

In recent years, managers have been trained to manage and optimise operational processes.  Leadership training took place in a relative comfort zone. Leading people in real crisis situations or even leading them to success in a changed permanent state is something few have experience with.

And this is where I come in for you:

I enable you and, if you wish, your managers with psychological competence to lead your employees correctly in this challenging situation: level-headed, understanding and opportunity-oriented.

I show you the critical moments for success in everyday leadership and help you to lead by example. Confidence, goal orientation and trust can arise when leadership acts and communicates correctly.

Because if you can’t do that, a deep rift of mistrust and fear can take root in your workforce. As we know, then “team” no longer works and success has no chance.

Would you like to prevent that? Contact me now!

Why should you work with me?

Your advantages at a glance:

30+ years experience

In more than 35 years of professional experience, I have accompanied many companies. I can show you the ways and means to master your challenges. One of my clients was even able to realise a groundbreaking innovation at short notice after several years of support during the time of the first lockdown, which allowed patients to continue operating with interactive video support despite “confinement”.

Individual accompaniment

With me and my colleagues/partners there are no “off the peg” packages – if we decide to work together, I will compose an individual program for you that fits your challenges and goals exactly. Whether individual coaching, workshops or qualifying training is the right answer will become clear in our conversation.

View from outside

Sometimes you become blind in everyday life, you don’t see the connections like an outsider. Perhaps you know this. And this is where I come in for you: Having seen many companies from the inside and facilitated change with my team, I can offer you a broader view of your people, organisation and context as a leadership and collaboration psychologist.

Making leadership with Corona effective with 6 components.

#1: Identify key people

Key people are your leaders and “high potentials”, “influencers” – people who are listened to. These people, young and experienced, are the key to collective change and should be involved in the process of adaptation.

#2: Have conversations

30 minutes is enough to hear what moves your people – no advice, but listening and understanding should be your agenda for these one-on-one meetings. This is how you strengthen connection and trust, how you learn about problems and how you can ask for help to achieve your goals.

#3: Set concrete goals

Set concrete goals, but do it precisely! What is to be achieved together gives perspective and creates concentrated action. If you are not focused on your goals, it is easier to be distracted by your thoughts: worries and fears about family, friends and familiar things that no longer work.

#4: Communicate goals clearly

Only 15% of employees know their goals (St. Covey). What do the other 85% base their goals on? Refer explicitly to current goals at every meeting. Repeat these goals at every appropriate opportunity. Only clear goals and priorities focus on error-free joint action.

#5: Empowering employees

Empowerment involves agreement on goals and priorities. This sounds obvious, but it requires asking and listening and real agreement on goals, trust and confidence! Decisions are only made correctly in individual cases when the mind and emotions are free.

#6: Maintain prudence

Hygienic standards should be applied appropriately. Occupational safety and cooperation need a sense of connection. Home office is good but can also be anxious withdrawal. Physical distance easily turns into social distancing and self-isolation.

The person

About Eckhard Schölzel

Eckhard Schölzel, a leadership and collaboration-psychologist, has more than 35 years of experience in leadership and organisational development. As a consultant, he has provided individual support to managers in many companies during his career, especially in times of crisis. With his colleagues and partners, he also works with your complete “team”.

Eckhard helps his clients to understand the social and human components of leadership and to consciously lead in a human way.

Eckhard is not the right partner for you if you are looking for a one-dimensional concept that will only keep your managers and teams happy for a few days and let them function again.

Eckhard works 100% individually with each client and develops proposals that fit their needs. No matter what your very individual challenges are – together with Eckhard you will find ways that will lead you to your goals.

Eckhard’s focus topics with his team are:

  • Consulting and implementation Leadership system (transactional to transformative) and understanding of leadership (MbO, situational, participative)
  • Value-based leadership (VMI) and alignment / lived governance
  • Leadership transformation programs with business impact
  • Self-leadership, employee leadership, stress management
  • Team Leadership and Team Development

As a coach and consultant, trainer and facilitator, he provides you with just the right combination of business experience and applied psychology.



About me and my way of working

The right coach for you now – more on Corona, health and leadership

The next steps

This way you gain more clarity:


1. choice of date

Choose a suitable time in my calendar. We will then meet via ZOOM or you can call me. After a few minutes you will know if “our chemistry” is also right live. Free for you, 25 minutes invested, no emails or newsletters to order.

2. personal conversation

In the second step, we talk about your challenges. Describe your situation to me. Together we can find goals and possible ways and approaches. Still without obligation: take your time to make a decision.


3. possible cooperation

If a cooperation seems promising to you, then we talk concretely about the next steps: business/personal coaching for you, consulting about possible ways to go, or a concept for your team and organisational development.


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